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Joomla! Solution

Trend Publishing of Chicago publishes two major trade magazines within the metals industry, FFJournal and Modern Metals Magazine. In 2010, while their editorial and design staff had created new, cutting edge identities for the print properties, their online presence lingered in the ’90’s within an antiquated MSAccess database-driven site which could be updated solely from a single, developer-installed laptop, the only point of access on the entire planet.  Take your turn and forget working outside the office.

With our specialization in translating print designs to the web, we worked directly with the Trend design staff to create a highly customized and modularized Joomla! install.  We also preserved and imported legacy data, converting the MSAccess mdb files into Joomla! schema MySQL data.

With the expansive user role customization of Joomla! and the support of state-of-the-art security components, we liberated Trend’s editorial staff to maximize their impact on the metals industry while preserving the impact of their unique brand image.