About Pixmission

Pixmission, LLC is the work of Alan Kimrey and associated designers, photographers and developers. With a background in analog publishing and photography (and with a deep affection for toxic darkroom chemistry, mmmmm, tasty), Alan slid into the digital stream back in the nineties with the advent of digital image capture technology and, concurrently, the internet.

As the Digital Production Artist and IT Director at WAK Pictures, Inc., Alan helped bring a long-established Chicago analog photography studio in to the new age as 8×10 sheets of chemically stuff gave way to sensors and Macs. Within the commercial food photography community, major consumer food producers were the final, hesitant group to relinquish the quality of their packaging to the new-fangled technology. We assured them through success that the future was upon us without loss of quality or impact.

As an internet developer, starting in ’96 when Netscape and transparent spanner pixels ruled the webs (both tragically doomed, of course),  Alan developed a knack for helping print designers get their designs to screen with pixel-perfect deployment. These days, everything’s about CMS’s, and Alan continues to do the work necessary within the dynamic Web 2.0 space of getting concept to screen, be it a 30″ Mac desktop monitor (oooh, those are nice) or some mighty pocket package.  Alan performs individual client work and is available for agency contract projects.

All the while, Alan’s been keeping the shutter going for a myriad of corporate, real estate or small business clients, originally under his own moniker with a. kimrey photography and as Pixmission since 2006.

So get in touch, let’s chat, and we’ll see what Pixmission can do for you.